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  • Ashley Love

New Police Officer Enjoys Making a Positive Impact

 By Ashley Love Sarahi Rivera-Martinez served as a Lake Forest Community Service Officer starting in 2022 and graduated from the Police Academy this year. Her job responsibilities include investigating state law, emergency situations, taking calls for service, traffic accidents, handling state law/local ordinances violations and taking community and law enforcement-based questions. Lake Forest Love caught up with her recently to talk about her career choice, the most rewarding part of her job and more.

What motivated you to become a police officer, and why did you choose to serve the Lake Forest community? 

I wanted to leave a positive impact on individuals going through a difficult time. I specifically chose Lake Forest because, as a Community Service Officer, I was able to experience how supportive and welcoming the community was to our officers. I wanted to make my own mark on the City of Lake Forest and demonstrate my ability serve and protect their needs.

"Officers at this department have become my family, and I look forward to serving the community alongside them," said Sarahi Rivera-Martinez.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? Making a positive impact on the community and on Lake Forest residents.

During your training at the Police Academy, what did you find most challenging, and how did you overcome it?

One of the obstacles I faced was being away from friends, family, and my support system. What helped me overcome this challenge was remembering that I had people who relied on me waiting at home as well as friends who I could rely on for support even from hundreds of miles away.

While at the academy, I surrounded myself with like-minded, passionate individuals who became my friends and family away from home. We became each other's support systems.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in law enforcement? Make sure you weigh out all the reasons why you are interested in it. This job takes a lot of dedication and patience; however, it is heavily rewarding if you make the effort to connect with your community. What makes you excited about your future with the LFPD?  

I have great mentors at the Lake Forest Police Department who will ensure that I find success in doing what I love as a police officer. The people I work with are very compassionate and dedicated to the mission of serving this City. Lake Forest residents prioritize law enforcement and frequently collaborate with our officers, which is not the case everywhere. What message would you like to share with the community about the work you and your colleagues do?  

I want to reassure the community that the mission of the Lake Forest Police Department is to deliver the highest quality of police services to both residents and visitors. The dedicated men and women of the LFPD are committed to this mission, prioritizing the protection and service of everyone's best interests by staying visible and accessible to meet all their needs.

Do you have a crime tip for Lake Foresters?

Develop a safety check routine, meaning lock your doors and cars, check your valuables, stay up to date with crime trends around town and communicate with law enforcement about your community concerns so we better know how to address them. 





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