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About Lake Forest Love

Who are we?


A question with so many possible answers. And finding those answers is exactly what this space is about. One story at a time, shining light on the things we love, the things that make us different. It’s why Lake Forest Love exists. 


We believe the stories, narratives, words, and pictures that come through this channel will give members of our community new ways to learn about each other. Fresh insights that help connect neighbors. A greater appreciation—for the people who live, love, and work here. A clearer lens through which we see ourselves.


Here we plant the seeds for a deeper sense of belonging. We look at the people who enrich our lives, who make this a better place, who make this a community. Because every member of this community has a story to tell.         


To be told by writers and artists within our community. They will explore the  happenings, hopes and ideas that breathe life into Lake Forest. And they will share them back. In written blog posts, vlogs, podcasts, and videos.


So welcome to You’re going to love it here. 


Meet The Team

David Sweet hedshot.JPG

David Sweet

Editor at Large


Dana Olson

Communications Manager

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