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  • David A.F. Sweet

Young Love Is in the Air

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to find out how young couples met and how they plan to celebrate their love this evening. Here are the stories of three Lake Forest couples: Katie Rogers and Alex Polito (Engaged) How we met is funny. We both went to Lake Forest High School, but we didn’t know each other -- Alex is two years older than me. In 2017 our Dads met through mutual friends and became friends. Alex was moving back to Chicago from Alabama (he went to school at Auburn), and my Dad suggested he connect with me because I lived downtown and Alex was looking to move into the city. So we pretty much got set up by our Dads.

Alex Polito and Katie Rogers get together by the Market Square fountain. Photograph by Gina Fiene For Valentine’s Day, we are going to where we went on our first date -- Fig & Olive in Chicago. Stephanie Stiltz and Spencer Stiltz (Married) We first met in the 8th grade; Spencer was on a Lake Forest/Lake Bluff baseball team with a few of my friends, who introduced us. We were always friends, but it wasn't until our senior year at LFHS when we realized there was a stronger connection after being in the same group during a CROYA retreat. Clearly Spencer did something right, because I agreed to go to prom with him that same year.

Spencer and Stephanie Stiltz enjoy time with their baby girl Riley. After graduating from high school, we both ended up going to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and officially started dating in the fall of our freshman year. The rest is history.

Valentine's Day is going to be a little different for us this year as we recently welcomed our baby girl Riley in September. While a quiet dinner date at the Deer Path Inn sounds lovely, we'll be ordering takeout and snuggling up on the couch as a family of three --- and hoping to be in bed by 9. :) April and Matt Vogrich (Married) We met our freshman year at Lake Forest High School (our lockers were across from one another). We both went to University of Michigan together (class of 2013) and got married in September of 2017 at St. Mary's Church. On our wedding day, we were able to go back and take pictures at LFHS by the lockers where we met.

Matt and April Vogrich gather by their front door with baby boy Augie and their dog Luna. We have reservations at House 406 in Northbrook for Valentine’s Day. My mother-in-law will be babysitting Augie (our 8-month-old son) so we can have a date night.


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