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  • Vivian Hirschfield

Write On: How I Found My Groove

By Vivian Hirschfield

Hey! It’s Vivi (or Viv) again. If you need a refresher, writing is my passion.

I can say that with confidence because I know it’s true. I have always loved writing, and when I sit down to type out an assignment or a column like this, it just flows out of me. It’s something I don’t get tired of, and I’m always looking for new ways to share my writing.

Vivian Hirschfield

I love getting complimented or even critiqued for my writing, because it means there are people who read my work and have opinions on it. Of course there are times when I struggle to come up with ideas of what to write about or get a bad case of writers’ block, but working through it has become part of the process I enjoy so much.

The first time I fell in love with writing was in fourth grade during a standardized test. I despised standardized tests (and still do) but when I got to the writing section it didn’t feel like I was taking a test. It felt easy and natural. Since then I’ve done a lot of writing, my favorite piece probably being one I wrote for my AP Language and Composition class at lake Forest High School about having ADHD.

I think high school puts a lot of pressure on students to find their love and it can get stressful. In many cases, this can cause students to try and do as much as they can with the goal of finding the one activity they enjoy, or trying to pick between the many they enjoy which creates the harsh critic in your head telling you that if you don’t find solace in anything and everything you have failed at being the best you can be.

In my opinion, you don’t have to find your groove just yet. I was lucky enough to find it early, but there are so many people my age and even older who still don’t know what it is that they’re meant to do and that’s okay! I tried a few different things before diving into my love for writing, and I got much happier because I started picking my activities based on what I found joy in and I started putting more passion and effort into them as a result.

Teenage years are a time for change and growth. Losing interest in old hobbies is normal, and it brings opportunities to try the new and the unexpected. We have our whole lives ahead of us to discover more about ourselves, so don’t worry about finding your “thing” for now.

Now, since I find it unfair that adults don’t get homework and I do, I’m going to give you an assignment: try something new this week. Whether it’s a new recipe for dinner, a new book, or a new song, try it. You might just find your passion. Vivian Hirschfield is a junior at Lake Forest High School.


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