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  • Maeve Bradley and Piper Rother

Here Comes the Sun: LFHS Student Unites Passion for Robotics and Music

By Maeve Bradley and Piper Rother

Lake Forest High School senior Luc Sun has always loved coding, but now, he is transforming his skills to create his own music.

Sun spends at least two hours a day in his favorite class: Robotics. Dedicating his study hall and elective time to developing a new server, he has been able to learn in this field and apply his knowledge to create his own music.

The latest song by Luc Sun -- who has used his robotics knowledge to create music -- is Sleeping Data.

“Luc has meticulously worked on his water-cooled server this semester in Robotics 3 Honors. He comes in each day ready to work and focused,” said robotics teacher Joseph Dudeck.

This server contains generated AI so he can create more customized sounds for his music. Sun has also been challenged technologically as he has had to learn how to create his own plug-ins and software in order for his project to work. All around, this development brings a scientific lens to his music.

Dudeck described Luc as “polite” and “helpful to others,” as he constantly inspires other students to work harder on their Robotics one and two projects. Although this development has been something Sun has enjoyed putting his time into, it has definitely not been easy.

“I kept thinking, I just want to quit, but something was telling me to keep going because I knew I would finish it,” said Sun. “If you don’t know what you’re doing, just try and do it, and if you fail, you’ll gain the knowledge.”

Sun’s favorite, yet most challenging, part of his project has been the power supplies. These are his favorite items to service, but he has to know the correct and exact programming. If he makes a mistake, he could possibly get shocked.

Sun created a custom loop with AIOS created by NZXT. This provides the server with a liquid cooling system. He is trying to build network-attached storage, NAS, mainly on his own.

When LFHS graduates who currently attend Purdue Engineering, came to visit the Robotics class, they were captivated by Luc’s project.

“They said things like, ‘Woah!’ ‘Check this out!’ ‘Is he making a water-cooled server?’ ‘This is very cool,’” said Dudeck.

Sun has 19 songs that you can find on various music platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music. Sun’s music all falls in the genre of techno – inspired by his favorite artist, Marshmello.

He has just released his newest song: Sleeping Data. Sun finds that this is his favorite song he has produced so far.

“Usually, it takes me about a few hours to make a new song, but I worked on Sleeping Data for months,” said Sun.

Sleeping Data was inspired by a time when one of Sun’s SSD, a type of storage device in computers, failed, and he had to recover important data.

Sun is looking forward to creating more sounds with his background and knowledge in the Robotic field. This article was first published in The Forest Scout.


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