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  • Mariana Vaca

Fish Stories: Latest LFHS Play Guaranteed to Entertain

By Mariana Vaca

Storytellers come as artists and writers, but many of the stories we carry in our families today are shared through oral accounts that are passed down due to their emotional impact. Some stories are performed to bring this magic to life.

Loosely based on Tim Burton’s movie, Big Fish features Edward Bloom, whose stories seem larger than life, and will be performed April 27-29 as a musical theater number at Lake Forest High School.

Impressive dance numbers are part of Big Fish, which opens April 27 at Lake Forest High School.

According to Jack Taylor, an LFHS senior who will play Will, the son of Edward and Sandra Bloom, Big Fish will tell the “story of Will trying to reconnect with his estranged father by learning the meaning behind the stories his father has told him his whole life. Along the way he learns things about his father's past that challenge his view of the man he thought he knew his whole life.” Taylor mentioned that he is excited to perform with his friends for the last time before graduating.

Kelly MacBlane, Lake Forest High School’s teacher of social studies and theater, takes on the role as co-director behind the scenes. MacBlane has been directing theater shows for 18 years. She and her fellow director of the show decided that they would not offer any screen directions or staging from previous Big Fish productions. This means that the staging is “100 percent [their] own vision.”

Every spring, the school vocal, tech, orchestra, and choreographer directors decide what play they want to provide for their students, and every year, they make sure that the play varies from the one before. The previous year, LFHS students performed Newsies from Disney, which was mostly a musical filled with dancing. This year, directors wanted to bring emotional factors that would challenge the actors and balance the emotional moments with joyful ones.

Auditions were held on the second week of February. Once casting was selected, rehearsals began right away every day after school.

Janel Sharman, who will play Josephine Bloom, says that “Big Fish will entertain all ages because there is something in the show for everyone. Edward Bloom tells funny stories that develop into impressive dance numbers that will cater to the younger audience, and the in-depth relationship between Will and Edward will entertain parents and grandparents.” She also wishes to enjoy every moment before graduating with her friends.

MacBlane excitedly points out that the show will include “whimsical factors such as mermaids, werewolves, and giants” as well as relatable moments that everyone has experienced in complicated relationships.

Buy tickets here to see the magic onstage!


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