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Don't Miss Your Ward Meeting This Spring

Join your Aldermen to learn what's new in your neighborhood and what's happening in Lake Forest at your Spring Ward Meeting!

Ward 1: Tuesday, April 16, 7 pm

Gorton Center, 400 E Illinois Road

Aldermen Nancy P. Novit and Joseph R. Waldeck

Ward 2: Thursday, April 11, 7 pm

CROYA, 400 Hastings Road

Aldermen Edward ("Ted") U. Notz, Jr. and John G. Powers 

Ward 3: Tuesday, April 9, 7 pm

CROYA, 400 Hastings Road

Aldermen Jim Preschlack and Ara Goshgarian

Ward 4: Thursday, April 4, 7 pm

Dickinson Hall, 100 East Old Mill Road

Aldermen Eileen Looby Weber and Richard Walther 

Wondering what Ward you live in? Find your Ward, Aldermen, and other property information in the Community Portal.


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