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  • Rebecca Foster-Goodman

Detail-Oriented: Young Men Are Passionate About Cleaning Cars

By Rebecca Foster-Goodman When I look back at the jobs I had as a teenager, memories of serving drinks and unappetizing food comes to mind. I knew my job was only a means to an end – to have spending money for college. I suspect this is how most kids view their summer jobs.

Except for the young men at Deerpath Detailing.

Deerpath Detailing founders Cameron Stockton, Bennett Flynn and Gavin Meyer hope to own a detailing shop after college.

This car-detailing company was started by three Lake Forest High School graduates – Bennett Flynn, Gavin Meyer and Cameron Stockton. Friends since middle school, they were all fans of cars and keeping them clean. Immediately following graduation from LFHS in 2019, they were bored one day and washed one of their mom’s cars. She was so pleased with the job they had done, she posted a glowing review on Facebook.

Deerpath Detailing was born.

“We all enjoy cleaning cars, so we wanted to share that with the community,” Flynn explained. “We clean everything from the minivan to the Rolls Royce.”

Being a mom shuttling four kids in my SUV, I actually thought my vehicle was pretty clean … until my teenage son started finding French fries between the seats. This was a perfect opportunity to put Deerpath Detailing to the test.

The trio arrived promptly on time. They were polite and respectful and wanted to know the trouble spots of my vehicle. After a quick discussion in my driveway, they began pulling crate after crate out of their cars. For three hours, they tended to every inch of my SUV. It looked fantastic by the time they finished.

“One issue we faced at the beginning was people thinking we were just three kids showing up at your house with soap and a sponge,” Flynn said. “We do genuine work for a competitive price.”

From the moment I made my appointment online at, I was impressed with their professionalism. From their colorful and user-friendly website to the level of high-quality work they performed, these young men are the driving force behind the entire operation. And at the heart of it all is friendship.

“It really is nice doing something that you enjoy with friends.” Meyer said. “You get to be outdoors with your buddies, so it really doesn’t feel like work.”

Although Deerpath Detailing is currently a summer operation, the trio has hopes of turning it into a permanent business after college graduation. “We would love to have our own shop one day.” Meyer said. “If we could clean cars year-round, that would be amazing.” Added Stockton, “Having a shop would allow for additional services such as paint corrections. There are lots of advantages to having a brick-and-mortar store.”


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