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  • Kim Piekos

Alumnus Shares Impact of LFHS on His Life

By Kim Piekos

Opened in 1935, Lake Forest High School has produced numerous alumni who have impacted the world in their areas of expertise. Lake Forest Love spoke to Greg Hanrahan (Class of 1982) recently to find out how he believes LFHS made a difference in his life. The Senior Director, Premium Services at the United Center, has more than 37 years of experience in the professional sports industry, focusing on hospitality, sales and marketing, strategic planning and management and operations with the Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks and United Center. (This is the first of a two-part series)

Greg Hanrahan and his wife Caryn enjoy a moment together on Sanibel Island.

How did LFHS have an impact on your life and prepare you for life? I was very impacted by some of my Social Studies teachers, Mr. Spooner and Mr. Occhipinti, along with Superintendent Doc Metcalf, Principal Bangser and Dean of Students and my counselor Dean O’Dair. They all played a key role in shaping me. I remember every week, Doc Metcalf would stand in the front hallway of LFHS by his office, near my locker, and he’d converse with students walking down the hallway. I bet he knew every student’s name. What an incredible opportunity for high school students, back then and now, to speak with their superintendent directly.

How did your experience at LFHS affect your career choice?

Ironically, in my senior year at Beloit College (1986), I reached out to Doc Metcalf to see if there were any opportunities for me to work as a Social Studies teacher and basketball coach at LFHS. There was and I was offered a job working under Mr. Spooner and Mr. Occhipinti, as well as coaching the boys’ freshmen basketball team. A dream come true! However, I ended up taking a job in ticket sales with the Chicago Bulls. Thirty-seven years later, I still wonder what it would be like to teach and coach at my high school! I’ve stayed connected to the school through the years as a parent to my sons Casey, Connor and Kyle when they attended LFHS, and through my service as an alderman on the Lake Forest City Council, where I served as the District 67 and District 115 liaison.

What are your favorite memories of your time at LFHS?

My junior year, I played on the varsity basketball team with an incredible group of players. After 42 years, I’m still friends with my fellow teammates.

Hanrahan was the sole junior starter among four seniors on this Scout varsity team.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your time at LFHS?

When I attended LFHS, it was an “open campus” for juniors and seniors, meaning students could leave campus during the school day. We felt like the school administration treated us as adults and trusted us. Unfortunately, that would be difficult to do in today’s world.


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