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  • Cameron Wacker

The World’s Top Female Golf Amateurs Are Coming to Lake Forest

By Cameron Wacker Featuring the world’s top female amateurs, the Women’s Western Amateur tournament will be held at Onwentsia Club from July 15-20.


The Women’s Western Amateur dates to 1901 where it was first hosted at Onwentsia in Lake Forest. The championship is returning to its original site for the fifth time, though the first since 1944. One hundred years ago, Onwentsia member Edith Cummings won the event on her home course.

Women’s Western Golf Association First Vice President Jacqueline Wacker (left) gets together with 2022 champion Taglao Jeeravivitaporn, Western Golf Association Manager of Amateur Competitions Madison Banas and Women’s Western Golf Association President Susan Buchanan. 


Jacqueline Wacker, Lake Forest resident and avid golfer (and the mother of this writer), is the first vice president of the Women’s Western Golf Association (WWGA). Wacker is intensely involved in the planning and execution of this year’s championship.


“It’s very inspiring to be part of an engaged board of directors and professional staff who work so hard to make a championship like this come to life,” Wacker said.


This year’s tournament has a field of 120 female players. The first and second days of the championship consist of 36 holes of stroke play, with 18 holes on each day. After these first two days, only the top 32 players advance into the match play portion of the championship.


“This year’s field of contestants spans 30 states and 10 countries, making this among the most far-reaching amateur tournaments in our history,” said Wacker.


While the Women’s Western Golf Association hosts two tournaments a year, it supports more than just the tournaments themselves; WWGA fosters the growth of their young competitors.


“If history is any indication, some of our players will advance to the LPGA,” said Wacker. “Tournaments like this bring out the best in competition, camaraderie, and of course, a love for golf.”

Writer Cameron Wacker enjoyed interviewing her mother, Jacqueline, about the upcoming Women's Western Amateur tournament.


WWGA President Susan Buchanan is looking forward to bringing the championship back to Onwentsia for its 124th anniversary.


“This will be a great tournament!” said Buchanan. “Onwentsia has a great history with the WWGA. We are looking forward to the beginning of the tournament -- it will be fantastic!”


Join the world’s top female amateurs at Onwentsia Club to enjoy the championship and to support WWGA’s mission of fostering the growth of the best amateurs of women’s golf. Attendance to watch the tournament is open to anyone. To learn more about the championship, please follow this link: Onwentsia Club to Host in 2024


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