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  • David A.F. Sweet

Lotharius Branches Out at Twigs Camp

By David A. F. Sweet Kathryn Lotharius is the Camp Director at Twigs. She has spent the last 17 summers at Twigs as a camper, counselor in training, counselor, assistant director and now director. Kathryn received her Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University and attends medical school at Florida Atlantic University. We caught up with Kathryn recently to ask her a few questions about her interesting career. What makes Twigs so special?

I cannot find the words to describe how much the camp means to me. I owe a great deal of my professional success to the interpersonal and organizational skills I have built at Twigs. As director, I hope to create a similar experience for the next generation of Lake Forest kids that I was fortunate enough to have when I was a camper.

"The kids who attend my program make my position as a camp director the best summer job I could ask for," says Kathryn Lotharius.

What types of things are you doing at camp this year?

Twigs Art Camp has an exciting mix of activities. A portion of our day is spent on art projects of various mediums including ceramics, painting, drawing, fiber art, watercolor, oil pastel, and more. We also have more traditional summer camp activities with games, outdoor exploration, and biweekly trips to Forest Park Beach in Lake Forest. This year, I am particularly looking forward to our end of summer showcase, which will feature an art gallery of camper work and a performance of the play Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

What is your favorite part about being a camp director?

The kids who attend my program make my position as a camp director the best summer job I could ask for. I feel extremely grateful for the opportunity to have an impact on the young people in my community. I take pride in putting on a program that enables kids to play, while also challenging them and teaching them new skills. What do you want people to know about Lake Forest Summer camps?

Lake Forest Summer camps are so much more than an option for childcare. These programs foster children's independence, help develop social skills, and build self-confidence, all while they receive personal attention and foster connections with camp staff. My counselors at Twigs are some of the most hard-working and passionate individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and they truly make this program possible.

Lotharius attended Twigs camp as a camper, here she is as a 7th grader.

What do you do when you are not the Director at Twigs?

Outside of camp this summer, I am working on medical research in the field of geriatrics. My project is focused on the relationship between hospital returns and diagnosed depression in centenarian patients. I also enjoy taking dance classes, exercising, and spending time with my friends and family.


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